Tianshu Liu

Tianshu Liu (Shu) is a scenic designer, costume designer, production designer and artist, a standing member of China Art Association. She began her artistic journey in Singapore where she developed her skills as a production designer and actress. She completed her Bachelors in Production Design from University of Essex and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Acting. During her freelance career in Singapore, she has designed 26 productions and worked with lots of great companies including Mediacorp (the most popular national public broadcaster for both radio and television), Ocean Butterflies Music, etc. 


After building extensive experience in Singapore, Shu took a leap of faith and moved to the USA where she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design from Purdue University. Shu continues to seek ways to express herself, her vision, and learn new things at every opportunity to create magic. 

Professional CV

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot 

Guest Scenic Designer
Purdue Fort Wayne (USA)

Written by Stephen Adlly Guirgis

Directed by Mark Ridgeway (USA)

The Spirits Play

Guest Scenic Designer/ Costume Designer/ Sound Designer
NAFA Theatre (Singapore)

Written by Kuo baokun

Directed by Wenzhong Yang (Singapore)

Pintu Pagar

Scenic Designer

Gener Asia (Singapore)

2015 Peranakan Arts Festival

Written by Desmond Sim (Malaysia)

Directed by Desmond Sim (Malaysia)

The Legend of Sun Monkey King

Scenic Designer

EZ House (Singapore)

Written by David Tang (Singapore)

Directed by David Tang (Singapore)

Alibaby and the Thieves 

Scenic Designer/ Poster Designer

Spring Hope Art Studio (Singapore)

Written by Xuewei Zhang

Directed by Xuewei Zhang (Singapore)

Sha Li----Hong Kong Golden Melodies Night Concert

Scenic Designer

Shining Entertainment Investment (Singapore)

Directed by JiaYi Wang (Singapore)

PMO Annual Christmas Show

Assistant Scenic Designer

Elliott Hall of Music (USA)

Scenic Designed by Ivana Vukomanović

Directed and produced by William Griffel

Babette's Feast

Assistant Scenic Designer

Amphibian Stage (USA)

Conceived and Developed by Abigail Killeen

Written by Rose Courtney

Adapted from the short story by Isak Dinesen

Directed by Jay Duffer (USA)

Scenic Designed by Rusty Jones (USA)

The Woman in the Garret

Costume Designer
Shanghai Drama Center (China)

Written by Tianlai Zhou

Directed by Wing Zheng Stanley (China)

Crescendo the Musical 

Scenic Designer

Shining Entertainment Investment &

Ocean Butterflies Music & Wawa Pictures (Singapore)

Adapted from the popular Xin Yao television drama: Crescendo 

Directed byJiaYi Wang (Singapore)

The House of Songs

Guest Scenic Designer/ Multimedia Designer/ Poster Designer
NAFA Theatre (Singapore)

Directed by Guoping Liu ((Central Academy of Drama)

Out of Order

Guest Scenic Designer
NAFA Theatre (Singapore)

Written by Ray Cooney

Directed by Weijie Yu (Singapore)

The Misanthrope 

Guest Scenic Designer/ Poster Designer
NAFA Theatre (Singapore)

Written by Molière

Directed by Chris Hallam (UK)

The Taste of Life

Guest Costume Designer/ Poster Designer

NAFA Theatre (Singapore)

Directed by Jingdi Zhang (Shanghai Theatre Academy)